Delores Foxtonfinn was born in Sydney, Australia. She grew up in the town of Granville in Sydney's western suburbs in the sixties. By the age of eighteen she was working in London as a graphic artist and illustrator.

She returned to Sydney after four years overseas and continued her graphics career working in newspaper and retail areas. She moved to Newcastle in the early eighties with the intention of carrying on in her chosen field.
The onset of a chronic illness was the catalyst that propelled her into painting and writing and at the same time it exiled her from exhibiting her paintings or touring
her music to any large extent.

She began exhibiting her paintings in the mid eighties. During the nineties she released 4 CD's with her band Me Me Me through Sydney independent label
Phantom Records.

Her paintings and her songs are a mixture of metaphor and myth about an existence checkered with the satisfaction of a creative life almost fulfilled and the accompanying battle to gain control of her health. They are a roller coaster ride down into a quiet despondency and up to the highest sense of humour. Often it is
a sardonic combination of both. Her work, for her, is a kind of narration and interpretation, catharsis and escape. At times it reflects a stream of consciousness and at other times it is the result of thoughtful contemplation . Though a lot of her work is biographical, she has also taken time to bear witness to events around her. Some of her paintings are simply an attempt to achieve serenity. She has an affection for symbolism and religious imagery and a passion for birds.

Delores now lives in the Hunter Valley where she continues to paint , write and occasionally perform.


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